Roulette wheel game with random generator

I recommend the online roulette with random generator to beginners or players who are currently testing a roulette strategy. When playing with the random number generator, you have as much time as you want to decide whether to bet on red, black or even odd at pocket win and other games. Only when you press the button does the ball roll in the kettle.

Live roulette in the online casino

Roulette with a real croupier

Online roulette in the live casino is carried out by a croupier. Each round of these roulette variants follows a rhythm like in a casino. One of the attractions is having to make decisions faster in a roulette game with live dealer. The best real money roulette casinos also offer you a number of statistics for the game.

The payout percentage as an important marker for roulette

As you probably know, there are several variations of the game with the ball and the wheel. They all have a high payout ratio, in English Return to Player (RTP), and a low house edge. Nevertheless, there are differences that are particularly important when playing roulette with real money. For example, American roulette with its double zero is not the first choice for betting because it reduces the chance of winning. French and European roulette have a better RTP. Here you will find an overview of the RTP of the most important real money roulette games:

The game manufacturers have also created other variants for online roulette, which have a higher or lower payout ratio for bets, depending on the situation. However, it is important to know that the high RTP always relates to the simple opportunities.

Play real money roulette on your mobile phone

The smartphone and the tablet have become our constant companions. So it’s no wonder that many want to play roulette online with their mobile phones. The best online casinos have of course adjusted to this and you can use your mobile phone in the online casino without any problems. You don’t need an extra app for Android or the iPhone , the games all run in the web browser. If you still want to play online roulette with a casino app , it is best to download it directly from the casino page, because you can only find it there, especially for Android. In my opinion, this is the best online roulette casino for mobile gaming:

The NetBet real money casino app

Online roulette real money payment methods

If you want to win, you have to wager real money on online roulette. How you can best transfer the money to the account in the casino for real money play, I’ll show you now. The casino providers have several payment services on offer . Which variant is best for you depends on your needs. Here you will find an overview of the online roulette payment methods .

All payment methods that are available there for English offer you a secure way of adding credit to the game account. When making your first deposit, think about how you want to withdraw your winnings. It is best to pay out the profit with the same payment method. It is important to know that before the winnings can be paid out for the first time, the online casino must carry out a legally prescribed authentication.

Many in English search Google for PayPal and online casinos on the Internet. Unfortunately, PayPal has withdrawn from the online casino market in English for the time being . To wager real money at online casino roulette, there are enough good PayPal alternatives. Just look again at the information in the previous table and you will quickly see that there are good alternatives to PayPal for real money play in euros.

Paysafecard and Neosurf offer you an anonymous payment in euros to transfer money to the game account for online roulette. With Trustly, providers can offer online roulette with real money without registration. The Visa and Mastercard credit cards offer you the option to make chargebacks and Neteller and Skrill are the first choice as PayPal alternatives as e-wallets. If you still don’t want to do without PayPal: I think that with the new Gambling Act 2021, the payment service will be available again in online gaming libraries.

Things to know about real money roulette

After we have looked at the most important points about real money roulette, I would like to give you more information about roulette and real money games. The respective topics are divided into individual sections with details and you can deal with them step by step.

Roulette strategies – the sure way to win?

Everyone wants to make a profit, preferably real money. A wide variety of roulette strategies can be found on the internet. Many of them have been known for years and the best are in use in many casinos around the world. But does a system really work? Can you avoid losses with it? Here are the most popular systems:

Roulette chips Unfortunately, there is no airtight strategy that will give you a 100% chance of winning. Some roulette strategies also work more in theory, because the casinos and online gambling halls naturally protect themselves against a good bet and want to optimize their chances. Nevertheless, two systems have particularly stood out: the Paroli and Martingale systems. If you follow the links, you will find a detailed description and you will see whether and how the roulette strategy improves your chances as a player.