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There are always strategies for implementing the bonus. Rather a low variance slot, or at least a machine with a large variance? At first I decided on a slot with the highest possible profit potential – my choice fell on site. With a bet of 50 cents, I have slowly raised the balance. I received free spins on the 11 spin and was able to secure € 137.25 there. Then I downplayed the credit on 150 € on the Since I now have much more money at my disposal than through the free spins, I now wanted to try to convert the bonus money into a low variance slot. After 375 spins on 50 cents, I broke off. I did not even get any free spins and downplayed the amount to € 66.46.

I wanted to make a quick decision and chose a higher variance slot. The last few coins I have gambled at Wonky Wabbits on 1.50 € per spin. At first it just went down, then came just under 30 € a higher profit of 40 €. The 70 € but I could continue playing Mfortune . At some point I only had 10 € bonus money left and pushed away at the slot Chilli Heat of Pragmatic Play. The whole session took about 2 hours. You can watch the highlights here in the following video:

Conclusion: It’s hard to make a profit through the Vera & John Casino Shop

Overall, I find shops in online casinos not bad, if you can get different free spins or bonus credit without deposit. Nevertheless, I must confess that it is usually a waste of time. Even if you are lucky and win something through the bonus money or the free spins, you have to convert the amounts first at the slots.

Surely with luck it could have worked, but if you have to implement something more than 20 € 40 times, chances are relatively low. When The Falcon Huntress got the first 275x profit after 11 spins, I was glad, but after that, the slots almost exclusively took away the money – the smaller win at Wonky Wabbits is negligible.

The bonus revenue is always quite difficult, so you should think twice about accepting a bonus. In free spins in the loyalty program, it does not pose a problem in my view, but it is still annoying that you can not pay out a more than 100-fold profit on a slot and must continue to play instead to meet any sales conditions.